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Curriculum Request Form

Applications should address a specific unfunded curriculum need. The criteria for disbursement are:

1. How the expenditure furthers the Hillsdale Cornerstones and WASC goals.
2. The number of students and teachers impacted by the expenditure.
3. The impact and value of the expenditure.

*Your Name:


Program Information

*Name of HHS Course/Program:

*Number of classes/SLCs involved:

*Teacher(s)/Team Name(s):

Grant Request Information

*Total Amount Requested:

*Date Required By:

*Briefly describe what the amount will be used for and what classes/programs will be impacted by the funds:

*Describe the connection between the expenditure and the school's Cornerstones and/or WASC goals:

Costs for equipment and/or other items

Other funding sources

*Are there any other sources of funds? *If "Yes", please specify below.

*Other Funding Sources:

*Amount Expected from Other Sources:

Previous funding

How was this funded previously?

How were those funds raised?